Press Kit - Estation Pi - G.R.E.E.N.


A 2D action/adventure video game set in a world overtaken by genetically altered vegetation.


With the aim of ending world hunger a group of scientists created “The Life Algorithm", a genetic evolution process that accelerates vegetation growth. The outcome was not the expected, the genetic modification transformed plants into monsters with a threatening appearance and intelligence of their own. In a matter of days, mother nature took revenge and the civilization collapsed.
Only a small group of people were able to escape the destruction by using the A.W.S. (Advanced Withering System) to create OA515, an artificial desert able to repel the vegetation’s attacks.
However, seventeen years after the catastrophe, the A.W.S. is starting to fail and the survivors are in danger.


  • Single player Puzzle/Metroidvania 2D style
  • Breakthrough mechanics of petrification where you can paralyze your enemies to use them to your advantage and solve puzzles.
  • Enemies possess different types of artificial intelligence. Some of them are trained to have less predictable behaviors.
  • Live a story that will show you a cruel and ruthless side of nature.
  • Enjoy an original soundtrack with Synthwave/RetroWave music style


We are an independent video game developer studio located in Mexico City. The studio was created in 2017 to develop G.R.E.E.N The Life Algorithm.
We strongly believe to be working on the production of great titles, which will be competitive in the global market and contribute to the development of a solid video game industry in Latin America.


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