Help us create the lab where it all began or an evil enemy



“Take control of G.R.E.E.N.” invites you to participate to win a Wacom by creating art for the videogame Estación Pi will launch this 2019.
Anyone who is a creator, animator, designer, illustrator, student, or just an enthusiast and also a citizen* of the following countries can participate: Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Chile, and USA.
*Must be over 18 years old and have an official ID.


You will have 61 days starting from the launch date on social networks: November 19th 2018, to submit your file.
DEADLINE: January 20th, 2019.


These must be followed in order to be considered a participant, read them all before you submit your work, we don’t want you to be disqualified:

  • Form must be filled correctly, through the email and data provided Estación Pi will contact you in case you make it to the finalists and may need to collect more info.
  • Once you filled the form correctly, you need to attach your artwork in a JPEG file no greater than 10MB,
  • The file you work on must be a PSD in RGB format 4k (3840x2160px) in 144 ppi in layers with clear and ordered nomenclature, starting with uppercase words and without spaces, for example: Main Tank. You wont submit this file unless you are a chosen finalist, in that case we will contact you and ask you to send this work file.
  • Each participant must choose only ONE category to participate, and the same person can submit only one file.
  • Art design must be 100% original, adapted to the G.R.E.E.N. style (for references visit image gallery).


The contest has two categories:


The participant must design the laboratory room where G.R.E.E.N. created the first intelligent avocado, this room hosts one of the most important moments in the story, so be sure to make an unforgettable lab.


The participant must design a mutated plant creature. In this apocalyptic world plants take over the planet, you can now create one the scariest creatures the hero has to face.

Remember all enemies must have signature postures (while moving or about to attack), make sure we get them so we can have a complete idea of the enemy´s profile.
* Extra details such as animated element ideas, lighting changes, interaction in level parts, etc. will be taken into account once the winner is selected


The evaluation process and selection of winners will last 30 days. The two winners will be announced on February 19th 2019 through Estación Pi and Wacom Social Networks.
The winner agrees to assign all intellectual property rights over the final artwork to Estación Pi and will not receive any financial compensation subsequent to the contest as a result.
The winning art may be used, adapted and / or modified as the G.R.E.E.N. video game considers and / or requires it.
The winners will appear in the credits of the video game in the "Special Thanks" section.


1) Wacom MobileStudio Pro to the winner of the “Laboratory Design”.
2) Wacom Cintiq Pro 16” to the winner of “Design of an enemy”

In order for the winner to be able to claim their prize, it is essential to deliver the files in the format specified above with their correct personal data.
Prizes will be sent by private parcel service, Estación Pi and Wacom will not be held responsible for any damage that may be caused to the products during shipment.

In case of damage during delivery, Estación Pi and Wacom will not be restitute the prize.
We are exited to see your work, if you face any problems with submission contact us via fb: ig: or email:


REMEMBER that in the G.R.E.E.N. universe technology has soft and organic forms while nature takes sharp and aggressive forms.


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